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Unidos em redor da obra do mestre

Um ano volvido após a morte de José Saramago, continuam a suceder-se as manifestações de apreço e devoção pela obra do único Nobel da Literatura de língua portuguesa. Um sinal mais de que o impacto que os seus livros provocaram num número alargado de leitores situados em paragens distintas irá resistir à passagem do tempo, […]

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José Saramago reimagines the story of Adam and Eve’s fratricidal son. “God, most definitely, does not exist,” novelist José Saramago wrote in one of his notebooks in 1994. “And if he exists he is, doubtlessly, an imbecile. Because only the biggest of imbeciles would have created the human race.” For decades, the Portuguese Nobel laureate […]

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Small Memories

Who knew a child surrounded by illiteracy, shuffling between city and countryside, would have such an intense appetite for words that he relished pages from discarded newspapers, seized on fragments of Moliere in a guidebook and would one day create parallel worlds in which an entire nation goes blind, in which Jesus apologizes for God’s […]

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